Jury of 17th FilmAT Festival

Zbigniew Żmudzki
President of International Jury​

Graduated in economy at Łódź University and in film production at Lodz Film School. His whole professional life is connected with film, he has partecipated as a film production manager in a creation of many polish famous film and television series. He is a creator of Se-ma-for Production Company, Se-ma-for Film Festival and Se-ma-for Museum. He is a producer of many famous and Worldwide awarded animated films (stop-motion animation), among others he was a Polish producer of an Oscar-winner film "Peter and a Wolf" by Sergiusz Prokofiew directed by Suzie Templeton. Zbigniew Żmudzki is a jury member of many film festivals of feature films, animations, documentaries as well as tourism and corporate films.

Jury Members in alphabetical order

Elizete de Azevedo Kreutz

Graduated and post graduate in Languages Portuguese/English and (Univates/Brazil). PhD and an MA in Social Communication (PUCRS/Brazil) and post-doc in: Multimodal Discourse of Mutant Brands (UnB/Brazil), Narrative Dimensions of Mutant Brands (UWL/London/UK), Brand Transparency (UAlicante/Spain) and Advertising in Contemporaneity (PUC/Chile). She was professor and researcher at Univates in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and she's an invited fellow of other national and international institutions (BrandScience: Chair of the Corporate Brand of University of Alicante, Spain; Discourses in the Social Practices at the University of Brasilia, Brazil; Organizational Communication, Culture and Power Relations at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; and Marketing at Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil). Coordinator of the International Branding & Business MBA. Director of Marcas Mutantes Consultoria and founder member and president of the Observatório de Marcas.

Ivana Bilkova

Mrs Ivana Bilkova is director of Czech Tourism Office in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. From 2002 to 2006 she was a vice-minister of Ministry of Regional Development of Czech Republic. She participated in film productions promoting the Czech Republic. She is interested in travels and cultures of the other countries, she has many favorite places in Poland which she has been vising for years. Ivana Bilkova has participated in international jury many times, she is an experienced juror.

David C. Cooper

Film & Documentary producer, heads and represents one of the professional teams that accumulates most experience and know-how in the making of corporate and cultural/tourist promotion films throughout Europe.

And one of the most awarded worldwide.


“We focus on developing a new concept of cinematographic design and production, aimed at provoking viewers passion and emotion in the irrational area of the brain where decisions are made. Through very carefully structured content, superb filming and the evocative power of music. Our production philosophy is based on excellence of each part of the film and adapts to any budget. To achieve this, we combine professional experience with cutting-edge technology in production and postproduction processes. And we maintain a high constant level of creative demand” - says David.

Tomasz Kłys

Born in 1962, in Łódź. Film studies expert, Professor at the Department of Film and Audiovisual Media at the University of Łódź. Author of several books: “Film of fiction and its dominants” (1999), “The Decade of Dr. Mabuse” (2006), “Cinema without secrets” (co-author - 2009), “From Mabuse to Goebbels: Fritz Lang's Weimar films and German cinema until 1945” (2013). His hobby is birdwatching on different continents.

Magdalena Krucz

Since July 2021 Magdalena Krucz has been the director of the Marketing Department of the Polish Tourist Organization. Previously, she headed the PTO International Office in Moscow. For many years she has been associated with the tourism industry, she worked in travel agencies and organized business events in Poland. Her specialty is the organization of large promotional projects. Magdalena Krucz has graduated in Tourism and Recreation at the Almamer University of Economics in Warsaw. She was awarded the honorary badge of the Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Poland – "For merits for tourism".

Agnieszka Pyla

A philologist by education, professionally involved in territorial marketing. For several years associated with the Liszki Commune Office, where she is responsible for promotion. Its creative promotional activities meant that the Liszki Commune is indicated as an example of effective building a place brand. As the originator of films promoting the Liszki commune, she proved that success is determined by an idea and non-standard approach, not a high budget. The latest production of "Liszki – I'm from here" was very well received by critics all over the world, which is confirmed by numerous awards and distinctions at the most prestigious tourist film festivals in the around the world. I am not surprised by these victories. All promotional materials that Agnieszka Pyla - the head of the Promotion - directs to the whole of Poland and the world are of a high standard. She is able to implement very thoughtful activities promoting her little homeland. Proud of the value of the heritage of the Liszki Commune, she is able to intelligently, and most importantly effectively, emphasize its contribution to the heritage of Poland and the world.

Marcin Robakowski

Marcin Robakowski, born in 1987. Graduate of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań in the field of Visual Sociology and Journalism and Social Communication. Film scriptwriter, director and film producer. Creator of over 200 corporate films for companies and organizations from Poland and abroad. Marketing agency owner. Privately, he is passionate about art, independent cinema and cooking.

Włodzimierz Wolski

A graduate of the Faculty of Tourism and Recreation at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He also completed postgraduate studies at the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdańsk, obtaining the title of Sport Manager. Since 2017, he has been working at the Ustka City Hall as the Head of the Promotion Department. He is also a lecturer at the Pomeranian University in Słupsk. In the years 2009-2017 he was the director of the Local Tourist Organization "Ustka and Ziemia Słupska". For many years he has been associated with the tourism industry, he has worked in tourist information centers and hotels. His specialty is territorial marketing and the organization of mass outdoor events (two of them received the Main Award of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship in the Event of the Year category: “Columbus Wind Festival” and “Grand Lubicz Light Festival”). In 2019, he was awarded the honorary badge "For merits for tourism" by the Minister of Sport and Tourism.

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